Bridge Inspection and Evaluation: Current Status and Where We Are Heading

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Learning Event: Webinar
Original air date: 25 January 2023
Duration: 1 hour
Contact Hours: 1
Valid for ASNT Level III recertification: Yes

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Bridge infrastructure condition has been in the forefront of public concern due to the increasing age of bridges, many built during the interstate era and nearing their design life, with lack of needed investments. Bridge inspection, which is predominantly visual, plays a major role in obtaining bridge condition data to ensure safety and planning future work. While safety has been the primary focus for bridge inspections and asset management, recent emphasis has also been on preservation, reliability, and mobility. This requires changes to accommodate low service interruptions and finding deterioration at early stages. Hence, nondestructive testing and structural monitoring are increasingly becoming popular to complement the visual inspection of bridges. This presentation will discuss current bridge inspection and evaluation methods, recent changes, and future trends.

After attending this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Recall the current highway bridge population in the US.
  • Describe how highway bridges are visually inspected at present following federal standards.
  • Explain how current expectations from the bridge inspection process have changed to accommodate a bridge management perspective.
  • Identify upcoming changes to federal inspection standards.
  • Discuss how NDE and structural monitoring is being used to augment visual inspections.

Dr. Sreenivas Alampalli is a Senior Principal at Stantec, a global engineering firm, specializing in asset management, structural monitoring, and bridge testing. Before joining Stantec, he was with NYSDOT for more than 30 years and worked in research, bridge inspection and evaluation, and asset management groups. Sreenivas is a Fellow of ASCE, ASNT, SEI, and ISHMII. He authored or co-authored more than250 technical publications including books on infrastructure health in civil engineering, risk management, and multihazard considerations in civil infrastructure. Among the awards he received include OPAL Award from ASCE, Aftab Mufti Lifetime Achievement Award in Civil Structural Health Monitoring from ISHMII, and Bridge NDT Lifetime Award from ASNT.

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