ASNT CP-189 Past / Present / Future

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Learning Event: Webinar
Original air date: 10 May 2023
Duration: 1 hour
Contact Hours: 1
Valid for ASNT Level III recertification: Yes

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  • Nonmembers: $79

The presentation will discuss the initial development of CP-189, the usage of the standard and future changes for the 2024 edition. In addition, we will touch on the main differences between CP-189 and SNT-TC-1A. The course is intended to give the participant an overview of CP-189 and its use in industry as well the difference from SNT-TC-1A.

After attending this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Discover how and why CP-189 came into existence
  • Identify the basic differences between CP-189 and SNT-TC-1A
  • Discover the upcoming changes to CP-189 for the 2024 edition

Michael Ruddy is a distinguished professional with over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He currently serves as the Vice President of Quality/Technical Services for NOV Tuboscope, a leading NDT service provider in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, drilling, production, and geothermal applications. In his role, Mike oversees the quality assurance and technical services functions of the company, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance.

Michael is a renowned expert in NDT, holding ASNT NDT Level III certification in five methods. He is also a highly active member of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) and has served on various committees and boards at the national level. His extensive contributions to the industry have been recognized with numerous awards, including the ASNT George C. Wheeler Excellence in Personnel Certification Recognition in 2022, the ASTM Award of Merit and ASTM Fellow in 2020, the ASNT Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Award in 2011, the ASTM Briggs Award in 2009, and the ASNT Fellow in 2009. Mike's commitment to excellence and his expertise in NDT make him a valuable asset to the industry and the organizations he serves.

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