Introduction to NDT

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Learning Event: eLearning, Self-Paced
Contact Hours: 10
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Chuck Hellier headshotChuck Hellier is a pioneer in the field of nondestructive testing (NDT). He began his career as an X-ray technician at the Budd Company after taking night classes at Temple University while working at a steel mill. He eventually took certification exams and moved into supervisory roles, sales positions, and then started his own business, Hellier NDT. Hellier also played a significant role in ASNT, contributing to its growth and serving in various capacities, including chairing the Education Council and becoming Secretary/Treasurer. He later transitioned into NDT training, founding NDT Classroom in partnership with others, a venture that was acquired by ASNT in 2023. Hellier's career is marked by his contributions to NDT education and his dedication to advancing the field.

Course Description

In addition to covering the history and development of NDT, this course presents the basic NDT methods (including Visual Testing, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Radiographic Testing, and Ultrasonic Testing) as well as materials to be examined and typical discontinuities to be detected by these methods. The principles, techniques, procedures, and applications are included. Because being properly qualified and in compliance with appropriate certification programs is key to the success of any NDT, the course also stresses the importance of proper evaluation to industry acceptance standards.

The instructor for this course is industry legend Charles J. Hellier, who is also the author of The Handbook of Nondestructive Evaluation, published by McGraw-Hill.

The course consists of eight lessons with quizzes:

  1. Introduction to NDT and Certification of Personnel
  2. Classification and Interpretation of Discontinuities
  3. Visual Testing
  4. Penetrant Testing
  5. Magnetic Particle Testing
  6. Radiographic Testing
  7. Ultrasonic Testing
  8. Eddy Current

This course is especially beneficial for design personnel; structural, maintenance, and materials engineers; management and supervisory personnel; regulators; auditors; project managers; and other non-test individuals who require a basic understanding of NDT. It may also assist the student to select and specialize in one or more method.

NOTE: In addition to the online training, supplemental reading recommendations are included and are encouraged, especially for those who may be pursuing a career in this rapidly expanding technology.