Maximizing Inspection Efficiency: Leveraging Microwave Inspection as an Alternative to UT in Challenging Scenarios

Maximizing Inspection Webinar

Learning Event: Webinar
Original air date: Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Contact Hours: 1
Valid for ASNT Level III recertification: Yes


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Microwave inspection is explored as a viable substitute for UT in situations where UT is impractical or challenging. The session delves into the efficacy and applicability of microwave inspection techniques, offering insights into its advantages and limitations. Practical case studies and best practices illuminate the utilization of microwave inspection in various industrial contexts, fostering a deeper understanding of its role as a complementary method in non-traditional testing scenarios.

After attending this presentation, attendees will be able to: 

  • Apply microwave inspection principles to diverse testing scenarios to demonstrate proficiency in non-destructive testing techniques.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of microwave inspection as an alternative to traditional methods in specific challenging contexts through comparative analysis.
  • Analyze microwave inspection techniques' effectiveness in detecting defects on rough surfaces, such as those found on wind turbine blades, to assess competency in defect identification.
  • Synthesize information on microwave interaction with materials to optimize inspection strategies for GFRP structures with varying core materials, showcasing proficiency in material science application.
  • Assess the reliability and accuracy of microwave inspection in identifying wrinkle features in GFRP components, demonstrating competency in defect characterization.
  • Develop implementation strategies for microwave inspection in the assessment of reinforced thermoplastic pipes with GFRP reinforcement, exhibiting problem-solving skills in inspection methodology.
  • Compare and contrast microwave inspection results with those obtained from conventional UT methods across different testing scenarios, fostering analytical thinking in NDT method selection. 
Bob Stakenborghs Headshot

Bob Stakenborghs, a pioneer in microwave inspection since 2004, founded Advanced Microwave Imaging in 2020 to revolutionize the inspection of composite materials using microwaves. Leading the development of advanced inspection systems, including proprietary multi-frequency vector network analyzers and specialized software, his innovations have been deployed successfully in field applications, from inspecting HDPE pipe fusions to fiberglass wind turbine blades. Continuously driving innovation, he actively contributes to peer-reviewed literature and plays integral roles in ASME, ASTM, ASNT, and ISO committees, shaping codes and standards for microwave inspection. Recognized for his contributions, Bob serves as Senior Vice President for the Technical and Engineering Communities Council at ASME, and he was honored as an ASME Fellow in 2016.


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