Live Webinar: Neutron Imaging Basics: An Accessible Introduction

Neutron Imaging Basics: An Accessible Introduction

Learning Event: Webinar
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (America/New York)
Date: Thursday, 8 August 2024
Contact Hours: 1
Valid for ASNT Level III recertification: Yes


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Join us for an engaging webinar on neutron imaging, a powerful non-destructive analysis technique revolutionizing scientific research and industrial applications. Neutron imaging offers unique insights into the internal structures of materials with unparalleled clarity and precision. Led by Katie Rittenhouse, Strategy Director for Phoenix Neutron Imaging, this webinar will provide an accessible introduction to neutron imaging principles, applications across diverse industries and its pivotal role in advancing technology and innovation. Whether you're new to neutron imaging or seeking to deepen your understanding, this session promises to illuminate the capabilities and potential of this cutting-edge imaging technique.

Katie Rittenhouse Headshot

Katie Rittenhouse serves as the Strategy Director at Phoenix Neutron Imaging, where she leverages her background in physics and experience in business growth to guide Phoenix Neutron Imaging's strategic initiatives, driving the evolution of neutron imaging capabilities and their applications in cutting-edge scientific research and industrial sectors worldwide.

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