Neutron Radiography (N-Ray): 20-22 August 2024

Learning Event: Instructor-Led Training, In-person
Format: 3-day class; 8:15 am - 4:15 pm (America/Chicago) each day 
Dates: 20-22 August 2024
Location: SHINE Systems & Manufacturing - 5115 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711

Contact Hours: 24 
Valid for ASNT Level III recertification: No


  • Member: $4,500
  • Nonmember: $4,700

This formal NDT training course is designed to meet the requirements of NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A for the qualification of Level 1 or Level 2 personnel in the radiographic testing NDT method. The session will combine multiple modes of learning to increase the student’s body of knowledge and promote his or her precision, efficiency, perception, and ethical behavior while performing industrial neutron radiography. Generic aerospace and defense Prime contractor specifications, NAS-410 requirements, and ASTM standards are emphasized within this training session.

Upon completion of this course:

  • The student will have a thorough understanding of all process controls within the method and their relevance in the certification of material.
  • The student will recognize material discontinuities encountered during radiographic inspection of items commonly neutron radiographed.
  • The student will become familiar with common industry standards for radiographic inspection and their applications.
  • The student will have a basic understanding of film radiography and film chemistry, the effects of changes in film chemistry and film defects.
  • The student will have a thorough understanding of the radiograph interpretation process and film viewing and perform hands-on image acquisition and film review.
  • The student will be familiar with common defects and artifacts in radiography, and how these artifacts present themselves when viewed on film.

This course adheres to NAS 410 and SNT-TC-1A.

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